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Web Document and Content Security


Our Web Content Security solution protects your intellectual property and your company's revenue stream by ensuring your web content is always under your control.

The Web Content Security solution is for publishers that share or sell web based content where a higher degree of security and control is required - beyond simple password protection. There are no passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others.

It protects your HTML based web pages, including source code, images, text and flash, from unauthorized:

  • viewing
  • copying
  • sharing
  • modifying
  • saving
  • screen grabbing
  • printing (including how many times)
  • printing to file, PDF, or image printers

You control who views your protected web content and how long it can be viewed (for a certain number of days or forever). And if you no longer want the recipient to use your protected web content, instantly revoke access to it.

You decide:

  • when content expires (if at all)
  • if content should be revoked
  • if user accounts expire

Our Web Content Security solution protects the underlying HTML code and the displayed page ensuring complete protection of both form and format of your content.

Key Features

  • Web Content Control
    • Complete web content, e-learning, intranet, extranet, portal and web site security (strong encryption and DRM controls)
    • Protects the underlying HTML code and the displayed page ensuring complete copy protection of both form and format of your content
    • Complete and secure control over web content usage - viewing, printing (+ number of times), copying, modifying, saving, screen grabbing, etc.
    • Automatically prevents web content copying, modifying and saving
    • Automatically prevents use of Windows print screen and screen grabber applications
    • Automatically prevents printing to file, PDF format (Acrobat distiller and other PDF print drivers), common image printers, etc.
    • User and content expiry - you decide how long users can view your protected web content. Great for subscription services, and time limited trials
    • Expire content on a certain date, after a number of days, or after a number of views
    • Instant user and content revocation - terminate access to protected web content instantly
    • Enforces document retention periods and policies
    • Offline / online access management - control how long a user can access your protected web content offline
    • Ability to change print and view controls even after publication
  • Company Branding
    • Enforce your own house style and appearance by ensuring that content may only be seen in the format you have decided
    • Customizable message text, landing URLs and splash screen
    • Ease of Use
    • Simple to protect web content, simple to use, simple to administer
    • Real-time web based licensing control and transparent customer authorization
    • Unique concept of publications for simpler web content management
    • 5 minute set up - existing user information can be imported and no configuring of servers is required
    • Complete integration with your existing e-commerce system to help provide 24x7 delivery of your protected web content
    • Completely managed system (fully hosted by us) or hosted on your own server
    • Data import and export for simple customer and document management
  • Web Content Protection
    • Only you host and distribute your web content - we never have access to it
    • Bullet proof protection - public key technology and US Government strength encryption (AES 256 bit), strong DRM controls
    • No passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others
    • Complete off-line protection - no need for users to connect to the Internet to view existing protected web content
    • No insecure plug-ins or weak implementations - see Technical Information
    • Persistent end-to-end protection throughout your web content's life-cycle
    • Complete control over web content inside or outside the firewall, online and offline 
  • Additional Features
    • FREE secure web content viewer software (nothing for users to purchase)
    • Auditing - see when users have registered for your service and from where
    • Built in PDF to HTML and Word to HTML converters
    • Protects the following file types - HTML, HTM, SWF (flash), JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, CSV
    • No limit to the number of files you can protect or the number of users that view your protected web content


Web Content Security That Protects Your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Content security for e-learning and online training course providers

Our Web Content Security solution enables e-learning companies to achieve their full economic potential by protecting their revenue streams.

The solution's instant revocation and expiry controls ensure the latest version of course materials are always used, that customers continue paying for your content, and access to material can be offered for limited periods at discount prices.  Printing controls can limit the number of prints that can be made. E-learning courses can be securely distributed across the web, including partner sites, without fear of your IPR being stolen.  You control how you store your protected courses and how they are delivered to your customers.  The software solution can also be used to protect online examination systems and services where questions and answers are dynamically generated using PHP, ASP, or JSP.

  • Web content security for web sites, intranets, extranets and portals

Finally it is time to ditch useless password based systems and free up your support staff.

Our Web Content Security solution is perfect for companies who wish to share web site content in a controlled and secure manner.  There are no passwords for you, your staff, your partners or customers, to enter, manage, forget or pass on to others.  This ensures a friendlier user experience whilst allowing you to control what users can do with your web content - whether they can copy, print it, etc. and for how long they can view it.  You decide when web content can no longer be viewed without even having to remember to remove it from your web site.

  • Document security for designers, artists and architects

Our Web Content Security solution ensures web designers, artists and architects get paid for their work and remain in control of how their intellectual property (IPR) is distributed and used.

Prevent public distribution of your images, artwork, photographs, plans, designs, drafts and multimedia. Prevent web content being pirated, printed and screen shots from being taken.  Stay secure in the knowledge that your IPR is not being shared and copied by others. Complete content control.

HTML, Image & Flash Security Without Passwords

Our Web Content Security solution ensures the best security for your web based content.  Your protected files are locked to individual computers and cannot be shared.  Unlike weak and unmanageable password mechanisms our Web Content Security solution uses public key technology with strong AES 256 bit encryption, DRM (digital rights management) controls, and a real-time web based licensing system. There are no passwords to send, enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others. You protect your web based content on your own computer.  The source (unprotected) files are never exposed to a web server where they could be easily compromised.  We never have access to either your original files or your protected files.

Secure Web Page Viewer

Our Web Content Security solution uses its own decryption application, a secure web viewer, rather than relying on a plug-in to present your protected web content. Protected web content is decrypted in the secure viewer software which applies the necessary DRM controls and ensures your web content cannot be compromised by other applications or by common browser flaws, bugs and cracks.

Your security is not compromised by plug-in failures or conflicts.  In fact, we think that plug-ins are potentially so insecure that we prevent them from loading so they can't compromise security.

Protected web content is decrypted on-the-fly in memory.  It is never saved to disk in temporary format or to the Windows swap file.  We do not create extra files on disk that can be copied to another computer along with the protected web content files so they can be easily shared and viewed.

To stop your protected web content being readily stolen whilst displayed on screen, the use of Windows print screen and screen grabber applications are prevented whilst the secure Protector viewer is running.

Web Page Protection That Is Easy To Use

Our Web Content Security solution is extremely easy to use - select the files you want to protect using the Administrator GUI, choose the secure access rights you want to apply, and then press the protect button to secure your web content.

You can protect complete web sites (html pages, images and flash), ebooks, manuals, e-learning courses and PDF or Word documents (that have been converted to HTML) all in one simple process.

A simple to use web-based administration system lets you control customer access to your protected web content and you can revoke access to your web content in real-time even after distribution.

If you sell subscription services, our unique concept of publications ensures minimum administration overheads and enables you to effortlessly manage your customer base.  Time limited information expiry means your customers continue to pay license fees when they are due.

Protect Word and PDF Files With HTML Conversion

With built in Word to HTML and PDF to HTML file converters, our Web Content Security solution ensures you can achieve protection across a wide range of files.  Protect your IPR and revenue stream whilst distributing your content over the web, on CD/DVD or on removable devices.

Fully Customizable Solution

  • Fully customizable. Our Web Content Security solution can be customized with your own company information (logo and messages).
  • Choice of hosting options. Choose to host the administration system on your own server, or fully hosted server options and import of existing customer data ensure that you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.  There are no scripts to write, applications to build, or servers to configure. You always protect your web content locally on your computers and you host it. We never have access to either your original files or your protected files.
  • Unlimited web content protection and users. There is no limit to the number of files you can securely protect or to the number of users that can view your protected web content.  You pay the same price regardless.
  • Ecommerce integration. E-commerce integration module works with your existing ecommerce system to help provide 24x7 delivery of your protected information. On successful purchase, customer information is automatically entered into the administration system (without the need for manual input) and license files are emailed to your customers so they can start using your protected web content straight away.

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