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Unified VoIP PBX Communications System


Today's solution for tomorrow's communication needs!

Our Unified VoIP Communications System is a software IP telephony system that helps businesses increase productivity and reduce telecommunication costs. The flexibility of the solutions allow you to run your own IP Telephony PBX within a reasonably short time frame compared to most other similar solutions or the traditional PBX. Our Voice over IP system is easy to setup and manage, thus saving your organization costs in having to hire highly qualified engineers to manage the system after our initial deployment. It is compatible with your existing infrastructure and software applications and you can place phone calls anywhere you want, at the office, at home, from a hotel during a business trip using an IP phone, computer or PDA.

Key Features

  • Full voicemail system with many delivery options.
  • Integrated conference rooms.
  • Multiple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Extensive call queues for call center management.
  • Intelligent routing for outbound and inbound calls.
  • Integrated fax server with e-mail delivery.
  • Music on hold with mp3 files.
  • Call forwarding, call waiting and call parking.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable solution, grows with your company
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Open standards, based on SIP
  • Easy to use web administration interface
  • Supports VoIP, analog and ISDN lines
  • Auto configuration of various phone brands.
  • E-mail delivery of voicemail and fax messages.
  • Comprehensive reporting options.
  • Automatic updates, flexible support options.
  • Affordable for businesses of all sizes.


Voicemail system

A complete voicemail system is included in the unified product package. It includes multiple delivery options for your voicemail messages: telephone access using a voice menu, automated e-mail delivery with attachment or web based accessibility. You can also organize voicemail messages in multiple folders for easy retrieval. Additionally, many IP phones will alert you immediately when a new voicemail message arrives.

Conference rooms

Conferencing has never been easier, thanks to our product's integrated conference bridge. You can easily set up a conference with internal users, or invite external people to join your conference. Our web based interface or * key on your telephone lets you easily control your conference. The number of participants is only limited by the number of phone lines you have available.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR or auto-attendant as it is sometimes called, allows your callers to "press 1 for sales" or "press 2 for support". Using our convenient web based interface, you can easily set up basic or more complex voice menu's to help your callers to the right destination.

Call queues

Call queues help you to easily create professional sounding waiting lines for incoming calls. Control how your calls are distributed to the agents and announce waiting position and holding times to the caller. Our web interface allows you to create an unlimited number of call queues and, if you want, control them in every detail to ensure efficient management if your incoming calls.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing allows you to easily control the flow of inbound and outbound calls. Make sure you always call at the lowest rate by selecting different operators for multiple destinations. Additionally, you can provide backup routes in case a certain line goes down. Using inbound routing you can help send callers to the correct destination based on the number they called or their own callerid. For example, route known customers directly to their contact person in the company, avoiding long waiting times and maintaining a professional image.

Integrated fax server

Thanks to our product's integrated fax server, your incoming faxes are automatically converted to PDF documents and optionally mailed to your mailbox. You can also access all your received faxes using the web based interface, maintaining a complete and easy overview of your fax messages.

Music on hold

While your customers are waiting, provide them some music. It's as easy as uploading an MP3 file using the product's web administration interface. You can upload as much files as you like, any time a caller is put on hold, alone in a conference room or waiting in a call queue the music will automatically start playing.

Call forwarding, call waiting and call parking.

Special keys or * key combinations on your phone allow you to conveniently transfer calls to your colleagues (with or without announcements). Call waiting allows you to receive an indication when a second line comes in and optionally pick it up. Switching to a different desk, or trying to transfer a call to someone who is busy? Park the call using your phone for easy retrieval.

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