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Test Scoring Systems


Our highly efficient and effective test scoring machine allows you to experience the benefits of automated test scoring without a capital expenditure!

We distribute and support test scoring machines from the leading manufacturer in the world. Our Test Scoring Machines not only accurately score objective tests (multiple choice, matching, true/false, etc.) at a rate of 30 to 40 per minute, but the patented essay feature offers teachers the ability to combine an objective test score with results from a performance-based assignment (essay, lab project, etc.), thereby creating a single score.

Additionally, test results can be printed as raw scores or percentage and raw scores, and incorrect answers can be indicated either by printing an error mark or the correct answer next to the wrong answer.

Key Benefits

  • No user intervention required
  • Cost savings in labor and time
  • Elimination of scoring errors from manual method
  • Faster delivery of results
  • Self-calibrating


3-In-1 Solution

  1. Score Classroom Tests
    Patented essay feature allows teachers to combine objective and subjective scores.
    Ability to generate item analysis and mean scores.
    Provides raw scores and percentage scores.
  2. Count ballots
    Perfect for student body elections
    And use ballots for other on-campus elections including prom and homecoming.
  3. Conduct surveys
    Can help meet Title 1 requirements for parent, student and community surveys.
    Use for teacher and faculty surveys.

System Features

  • Test Scoring: Scores multiple choice/true-false/matching tests; prints a red error mark to indicate a wrong answer or prints correct answer next to incorrect answer; prints the total number of correct answers as a raw score or percentage and raw score.
  • Item Analysis: Prints the number of tests processed, number of students answering each question incorrectly and an average score.
  • Subjective Score Box: Allows instructor to combine a score for a performance-based activity (i.e. essay; oral exam; lab assignment) with a score from an objective test (i.e. multiple-choice) for a total point score up to 163 points.
  • Ballots: Counts ballots and gives you results for student elections.
  • Surveys: Tallies responses from teacher evaluations; community surveys etc.

Zero Cost School Loan Program

We offer a zero-cost loan program for schools and educational institutions that may not be able to acquire the test scoring machines due to budgetary or financial restrictions. The loan program offers the following benefits amongst others to participating institutions:

  • No cost to the school for the loaned machine
  • FREE service and maintenance
  • FREE replacement ink rollers
  • FREE online training
  • FREE technical support

Testing Software For Schools and Organizations

We also offers software-based classroom testing solutions for organizations who need broader functionality and deployment. We have a generalized test system software that provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use testing and scoring capabilities for higher education and commercial organizations. We also have testing software tailored specifically for secondary schools and high schools and include classroom-specific test capabilities.

Higher Education & Commercial Testing

We offer a software suite that provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use testing and scoring capabilities for higher education and commercial organizations.

The suite includes Test, Score and Online Test. The Test software allows instructors to create customized tests quickly and easily. When combined with the Score software, statistical information for each questions including item analysis, response frequency, discrimination levels and degrees of difficulty can be tracked. The Online Test allows users to takes tests created in the Test software electronically. The Score software features an electronic grade book, sub-testing capability and user-defined mastery reports.

High School & Secondary School Testing

For High school classroom testing, we offer two web-based, software solutions for classroom-level testing. Achievement Series is a powerful assessment product that teachers can use to develop and administer tests online and on paper, capture results, and produce standards-based reports. Performance Series is a web-based computer-adaptive test that offers educators an efficient method to immediately diagnose student needs, inform placement decisions and predict performance on high stakes tests.

Combined with the range of scanners in our inventory, and world-class forms, these products provide an end-to-end solution for all forms of classroom testing. 

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