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PC-Linked Smartcard Readers


Smartcards are finding a lot of applications in the current and emerging economies, with typical applications in the financial, transport, healthcare, education and retail industries.

We offer PC-linked smartcard readers that are innovative in design, reliable and reasonable priced to meet most budgets for smartcard uses and deployments. Our PC-linked smartcard readers range include ACR38 Smart Card Reader, ACR38T Plug-in (SIM-Sized) Smart Card Reader, ACR38DT DualKey and ACR38ET DualKey2, ACR38-CCID Smart Card Reader, ACR30SP Smart Card Reader
ACR92 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader, ACR38F Smart Floppy andACR38K Smart Keyboard.

Typical Applications for Smartcard Readers

  • Home Banking and Home Shopping
  • E-Commerce
  • Checking the balance of electronic purses
  • Network access control
  • Software Locking
  • Digital signature
  • Loyalty Program
  • Identification
  • Ticketing
  • Parking and toll collection
  • Online gaming
  • Transportation
  • Automatic Fare Collection
  • Physical access control


ACR38 Smart Card Reader

ACR38 smart card readerWith the fast growth of personal computing standards, the ACR38 smart card reader/writer is a USB full speed device designed for use in the PC environment today.

This reader series combines a modern design with the latest technology, and makes it a suitable solution for demanding environments. ACR38 has an optional built-in Security Access Module (SAM) slot that supports various high security applications. It is ideal for use in network security, electronic payment systems, electronic identifications as well as other advanced smart card applications. Other casing designs are also available.

Other casing designs and module form (ACM38) are available.

ACR38 smart card reader        ACR38 smart card reader

  • Full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
  • Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
  • Support most of the popular memory card types in the market:
    • Cards following the I2C bus protocol (free memory cards) such as:
      • Atmel: AT24C01 / 02 / 04 / 08 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024
      • SGS-Thomson: ST14C02C, ST14C04C
      • Gemplus: GFM1K, GFM2K, GFM4K, GFM8K
    • SLE4432/4442/5542 intelligent 256 bytes EEPROM with write protect function: SLE4432, SLE4442, SLE5542
    • SLE4418/4428 intelligent 1K bytes EEPROM with write-protect function: SLE4418, SLE4428
    • Secure memory cards such as: AT88SC153, AT88SC1608
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Certificate of conformance: EN 60950/IEC 60950, ISO-7816, PC/SC, CE, FCC, Microsoft WHQL, EMV 2000 Level 1certified
  • Support ISO-7816 Class A, B and C ( 5V, 3V, 1.8V ) cards

ACR38DT DualKey

ACR38DT Smart Card ReaderACR38DT offers both logical and physical access control solutions based on SIM-sized combi smart card (contactless and contact card).

The ACR38DT contactless/contact dual-interface token is an extension of ACR38T Plug-In (SIM-sized) Smart Card Reader. It has full ACR38T functionalities with contactless value-added feature.

i) Serves as a plug-in (SIM-sized) card reader:
It is an extremely compact USB full speed device fully compatible with the ACR38 smart card reader and is designed to access SIM sized smart cards (Plug-in card). With a size of only 82.5 mm x 21.3 mm x 9.4 mm, the ACR38DT is highly suitable for portable applications, as it plugs into the USB port and requires no additional cable or wiring. It also fulfills the GSM 11.11 specification. It is designed for PC environment, ultimate smart card peripheral for a PC.

ii) Serves as a contactless card:
While the ACR38DT serves as a contactless card, the embedded antenna coil enables the contactless part of the SIM sized combi card to work as a contactless card to communicate to contactless readers.

ACR38DT dual-interface token is a good quality, reliable and effective reader with designs focusing convenient use and harmony with other PC peripherals in shape and color. It is ideal for electronic commerce, physical access control, home banking or e-purse facilities, secure computer access, transportation and GSM application tool.

ACR38K Smart Keyboard

The ACR38K combines with smart card reader and keyboard which enables you to easily implement smart card-based systems or applications in PC environment. The ACS smart card readers utilize the latest advancement of microchip technology that brings you high security for your confidential files in a convenient and easy to carry microchip smart card.

smart keyboardCombined with our versatile smart card reader/writer, using the ACR38 module, the ACR38K keyboard is transformed into a highly powerful component for security, e-commerce, and other applications. Furthermore, you can select another version of ACR38K which comes with multimedia keys and it lets you access to different applications and programs.

ACR30SP Smart Card Reader

ACR30SP Smart Card ReaderThe ACR30SP is a compact and cost-effective reader with plug-and-play feature convenience. It supports all microcontroller cards with T=0 or T=1 protocols as well as the popular memory cards in the market today. It supports smart cards that conform to ISO 7816-1/2/3 standard. The ACR30SP is also EMV Level 1, Microsoft PC/SC certified, RoHS compliant and supports all major PC platforms.

Being a single chip solution, with EMV level 1 certified, this reader is one of the most cost effective solutions for banking, e-commerce, information security, computer access control, electronic identification, and other smart card applications. The ACR30SP smart card reader/writer can be connected to the computer through a serial asynchronous interface (RS-232). The reader has an optional built-in Security Access Module (SAM) slot that supports various high security applications.

The ACR30SP is available in its default CyberFrog casing. Furthermore, it is also supplied in module form (ACM30). This is an ideal solution for integrating smart card access into applications. The module retains the full functionalities of the reader/writer, and can be easily integrated in payphones, parking meters, vending machines, laundries, gaming machines, ATM's, sophisticated access control systems, etc.

ACR38T Plug-in (SIM-Sized) Card Reader

ACR38T smart card reader and writerThe ACR38T smart card reader & writer is a USB full speed device. It is the interface for the communication between a computer and a smart card. It is specially designed for the PC environment and is an ultimate smart card peripheral for a PC.

It is an extremely compact USB device and is designed for SIM-sized smart cards (Plug-in card) access. With a size of only 67.4 mm x 23.0 mm x 7.8 mm, the ACR38T is highly suitable for portable applications, as it plugs into the USB port and requires no additional cable or wiring. It also supports smart cards that conform to the GSM 11.11 specification.

ACR92 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader

>ACR91 PCMCIA smart card readerACR92 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader, a specially designed smart card peripheral for notebook and portable computers, has completed all major standards including PC/SC, FCC and ISO 7816. It is also EMV Level 1 Certified which makes it suitable for applications related to banking services and credit card payments.

The ACR92 is easy to install and use. It establishes a uniform interface between the computer and the smart card for a wide variety of cards. By taking care of the card specific particulars, the software engineers need not to understand the full technical details of the smart card/computer interface to carry out the implementation of a smart card system. It also allows future firmware and application upgrade.

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