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NetControl2 (Remote Vaccine)


NetControl2 (Remote Vaccine) is a simple-to-use, yet powerful remote control application designed for administrators and teachers of schools, libraries, colleges, small businesses and more...

Net Control2 delivers powerful teaching tools plus additional functionality for automated network deployment, enhanced security, and integration with other popular PC management applications.Remote Network Classroom control

With Net Control2 you can logon to remote computers and operate them as if you were working on them locally. Execute any type of application on any remote Windows workstation. Administrators can interact with remote computers and applications using a graphical user interface or a command line interface. Net Control2 also delivers power management functions that allow you to logon, logoff, restart, shutdown, view CPU usage, view the active process list, WOL and track hardware assets of a remote workstation...

NetControl2 streamlines the control of networked workstations with a central management interface. Some powerful features include:

  • Remote Desktop features (remote control of user computer, using keyboard and mouse; special mode allows to control several computers simultaneously).
  • Broadcast Desktop features (broadcast desktop of selected computer to all users in the network).
  • File management (allows to perform file operations on several computers simultaneously).
  • Remote power management (reboot, turn on and off, wake-up computers remotely, switching to stand-by and hibernate modes).
  • Using Desktop Recorder tool you can prepare electronic manuals and share them in the network.
  • Run and terminate programs remotely; disable programs.
  • Dynamically block and enable access to Internet.
  • Advanced Internet features, including content and sites filtering. Does not depends on used browser.
  • Send text, graphic and sound messages.
  • Monitoring of executed programs and visited web-sites.
  • Remote Speech.
  • And also, support of macro commands, batch execution, scheduled tasks and other administration features.

classroom broadcast and computer monitoring

NetControl Features List

  • View thumbnails of remote computers.
  • View what computers are connected (on-line).
  • Control desktop of computers remotely, using keyboard and mouse.
  • View desktop of remote computer.
  • Save or print screenshot of remote computer
  • Switch to screen-drawing mode, to draw on User’s desktop.
  • Control several computers at the same time viewing desktop of one of selected remote computers.
  • Broadcast desktop of Administrator’s computer to User computers.
  • Broadcast desktop of selected User computer to all User computers in the network.
  • Record Administrator’s computer Desktop activity, with or without recoding voice from microphone; with possibility to play this record on User computers.
  • File Management
    • copy files to or from User computers (to one or several computers simultaneously);
    • rename, delete files on remote computers;
    • create new folders;
    • search files on remote computers;
    • execute files remotely.
    • Shutdown operations (Tools -> Shutdown Manager):
    • shut down/turn off computers remotely;
    • reboot;
    • log off currently logged user;
    • switch to stand-by or hibernate modes.
  • Wake-up (turn on) computers remotely (computers should support Wake-up On LAN feature)
  • Send text messages in full-screen mode or in the message box
  • Send and display images from Administrator computer with or without additional text.
  • Send and play audio files.
  • Adjust volume level of default audio device of remote computers.
  • Speech with users of remote computers.
  • Adjust system policies (operating system’s restrictions)
    • disable or enable access to system programs in Control Panel;
    • disable items and properties of items of Start menu;
    • restrict access to Desktop settings;
    • restrict access to Network settings;
    • disable DOS modes;
    • disable Task Manager (processes list);
    • restrict access to drives (hide or disable disk drives) ;
    • disable Add/Remove programs feature of Control Panel.
  • Internet/network access control subsystem (internal firewall): 
    • disable or enable network services (ports);
    • perform content filtering on selected network ports (services);
    • block access to selected web-sites (protection does not depends on type of used browser/software);
  • Block programs for execution. Protection is not based on system policies, does not depend on used OS version and do not require reboot.
  • Monitor activity on User computers on-line:
    • what programs are executed;
    • what web-sites (URLs) are requested;
    • what program is active;
    • different system events (new device attached, time/date changed etc.);
    • save log of activity in CSV file format (for example, may be edited in Microsoft Excel).
  • Log activity on User computers (even if computer is not in the network or Administrator computer is not connected)
  • Perform several disk service operations remotely:
    • check disks on errors;
    • defragment disks;
    • delete temporary files;
    • clear Recycle Bin.
  • Manage sharing of devices in Microsoft LAN manager remotely
    • create new shared device (disk drive or printer);
    • delete shared devices;
    • edit shared devices.
  • Chat with selected Users
  • Users can send help requests to Administrator in a chat form
  • Simple connectionless chat (does not require dedicated server or additional configuration) allow to chat users within a network 
  • Cam Broadcast 2 – a free add-on for Net Control 2 allow to broadcast image from web-camera over your local network
  • Lock computers remotely. Optionally, locked state may be restored automatically after restart of Windows, until will be unlocked by Administrator
  • Run or terminate programs remotely (run from command line, from Desktop, Start Menu or DOS box supported).
  • Get desktops of remote computers and display them tiled in the full-screen window
  • Send snapshot of Administrator computer to User computers per one click
  • Combine several commands to macro-command
  • Create batch commands, which may be saved as a standalone file, and later executed directly through Windows Shell. Batch command allow to apply some pre-defined commands automatically to several computers simultaneously without opening Net Control 2 shell
  • Auto-executable commands allow to define some actions, which may be performed automatically on User side at specified time or event
  • Change wallpaper of User computer remotely
  • Change display resolution of remote computers, including size, color depth and refresh rate
  • Get system information of remote computer (CPU, RAM size, OS platform, Computer and User name, system date and time)
  • Get drives information of remote computers (what drives present, file system, capacity, free space)
  • Import/export System Registry information remotely
  • Set or synchronize system time and date
  • Connect Remote Access Service’s connections remotely
  • Protect and unprotect folders through Disk Control service remotely
  • Minimize all top-level windows


Net Control 2 components Security features:

  • Net Control 2 Client (Administrator part) may be protected by password.
  • Net Control 2 Client (Administrator part) may be temporarily locked by separate locking password.
  • Net Control 2 Server (User part) connections (remote access to computer) may be protected by:
    • assigning special authentication password;
    • Incoming Connections Filter allow to enable only specified connections, and automatically block all unwanted;
    • by default Net Control 2 allow only local connections (made from the same sub-network);
    • all connections and attempts of connection are logged. Net Control 2 features may be limited on User computers through Net Control 2 Server policies (e.g. user can allow only messaging or file management);
  • Net Control 2 Server (User part) settings and configuration may be protected by password.


System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003.

For use with Windows NT4, Service Pack 4 and higher required, under Windows 95, Winsock 2 update or Service pack 1 required. Winsock 2 update (for Windows 95) you can download here.

CPU: Pentium II - 300 MHz or higher.

Memory (RAM), recommended: 

User Part (Net Control 2 Server):

  • 16 MB under Windows 95;
  • 32 MB under Windows NT4/98/ME;
  • 64 MB under Windows 2000/XP;

Administrator Part (Net Control 2 Client):

  • 32 MB under Windows 95;
  • 64MB under Windows NT4/98/ME;
  • 128 MB under Windows 2000/XP.

LAN: 10/100 Mbit/sec recommended.

Display: Hi-Color (16-bit, 65536 colors) or higher color depth is very recommended. Not chipset built-in video adapter recommended.

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