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GSM Mobile Phone & SMS Data Encryption Solution


Our professional GSM encryption software that effectively protects your telephone communication against eavesdropping and interception by encrypting confidential phone calls using ultra-strong 4096 bit military grade encryption.

Our GSM/SMS Encryption solution is a software-only solution for Windows based Smartphones transforming the GSM phone into a high security device, offering truly secure voice communications and shielding from sophisticated eavesdropping attacks from competitors, investigators, phone companies and governments.

The software encrypts the telephone conversation in real time and end-to-end. The voice is transferred in encrypted form over the entire telephone network so that any third party cannot intercept it. The key exchange is made fully automatically without user intervention and the encryption key is generated at any new call and deleted afterwards.
Special authentication routines will detect and prevent "Man-In-The-Middle" attacks.

Our GSM/SMS cell phone encryption solution is the best way to achieve cell phone security and conduct safe, secure and encrypted two-way cellular phone communications.

The GSM/SMS phone encryption software also protects the storage area of the telephone by encrypting data (documents, excel sheets, emails etc) so cell phone security will remain secure even if the device is stolen or lost.

Main screen
Conversation screen
Recording player.


GSM Phone Encryption provides secure communication:

  • Military grade encryption
  • 4096 bit RSA key exchange encryption
  • 256 bit AES (SHA 256) communications encryption
  • Detects and alerts to man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Securely encrypts SMS messages
  • Secure chat (messaging) functionality
  • Container based document and directory encryption
  • Conversation recording


Who needs our GSM/SMS Mobile Phone Encryption solution?

Often confidential conversations are placed through the telephone network. Confidential information that becomes public can cause serious damage for the involved individuals, companies and institutions.

  • Managers of several companies
  • Security & enforcement agencies
  • Military and defense institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Law and accounting firms
  • Medical institutions
  • Researchers and engineers
  • Security conscious people


To place a secured telephone call, both parties need to have the GSM phone encryption software installed on their phones.

How The Solution Works:

The GSM Phone Encryption software encrypts your conversations with an unbreakable cipher (AES and Diffie-Hellmann).  Here's how it works: First of all, both communications parties need to run the encryption software on their mobile phones.

When you place a secure call (you can also place regular calls), the software automatically performs a 4096 bit RSA secret key exchange, and then generates a secret 256 bit AES key. This process takes around 5 seconds. Only the two phones share the unique key that is generated before each call, and deleted after each call.

Once the key is generated, conversation is subsequently encrypted and your call is secure. Additional measures are implemented into the software to automatically detect and report man in the middle attacks.

The GSM Phone encryption software does not use the telephone's voice channel but it sends the encrypted voice through the data channel of the phone (using the internal modem of the device). This brings also the advantage that an attacker who usually monitors the voice channel will not even realize you are communicating with other people. The telephone costs for encrypted telephone calls are the same as for non-secured calls.

GSM Phone Encryption Features

  • Easy operation and user interface - no security or technical knowledge required by user.
  • Completely real-time, full-duplex operation. Works just like a regular mobile phone.
  • Automatic and immediate on-the-fly encryption of voice and messaging without any need for user interaction.
  • Unique language-independent party verification.
  • Dial from Contacts functionality can be enabled or disabled depending on users requirements.
  • Voice Engine specifically optimized for operation in noisy environments.
  • Excellent voice quality - comparable to standard mobile communication.
  • Works on standard data call enabled networks (CSD).
  • Completely secure - no security data is stored on the device at any time.
  • No user intervention required for security procedures to take place.
  • Low processor requirements (as low as 150MHz).
  • Robust, optimized algorithms for key operations such as Identity verification, Random Number Generation, Digest functions, Key Exchange and Encryption.
  • Unique Program Monitor module specifically monitors the operating system for the presence and status of the phone encryption program process.
  • Works on Windows Mobile phone enabled devices without modifying, or impeding any other functionality.

System Requirements

The GSM Phone Encryption software works on SmartPhones (you can get the full compatibility list from us). Follow requirements:

  • OS: Windows Mobile for SmartPhones ver.5.1.195 or higher
  • Screen resolution: 240x320
  • Processor: ARM, frequency > 150 (> 250 recommended)
  • Available Storage Space needed: > 4.0 Mb
  • Data call enabled by telephone provider: 9600bps or better

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