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Earlyon CafeCentra Software


Earlyon CafeCentra is the leading time-tested Internet and Cyber Cafe Billing and Management software solution offering operators the security, reliability and performance necessary to operate a successful Cyber Cafe business.

Earlyon CafeCentra software is designed and developed as an optimum Personal Computer usage billing solution for businesses operating Personal Computer rentals such as Internet Cafés. CafeCentra client-server architecture ensures that billing is central and administered also in real-time. The software allows for the creation of time-tickets or vouchers which can be used on any computer running the client software on the local area network. Café Operators can monitor computers on which the client software is running in real-time and remotely administer such actions as remote PC Rebooting, Shutdown, Active User Logout and Pausing of Client and information about other applications running on the client computers.

The software also comes with a bundle of useful utilities to carry out such tasks as Automated Hard Disk Cleaning, Restriction of Undesirable Website and Programs, Bandwidth Traffic Monitoring & Restriction and much more.

Key Features

  • 100% Hacker Proof Client Security
  • Automated Income Report Mailing
  • Auto-Deduct Print Job Cost from User Accounts
  • Integrated Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Websites & Web Downloads Restriction
  • Programs Execution & Installations Restriction
  • Very Accurate and Comprehensive Cyber Cafe Reports
  • Powerful and Comprehensive Events Log
  • Automatic Locking of System Date and Time
  • Remote Windows Management
  • Automated Bulk User Account Creation
  • Multi-Computer Billing Rates
  • Prevent File Downloads in Internet Explorer
  • Multiple User Accounts Ticket Formats
  • Client User Accounts History
  • Dynamic User Accounts Combination
  • Automatic Workstations Hard Disk Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Restrict or Disallow Junk User Downloads and Web Installations
  • Support for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP] Networks
  • Auto-Refill, Restricted and Time Bound User Accounts


100% Hacker-Proof Client Security

CafeCentra implements the most powerful security mechanism on any client timer, such that it is almost impossible for hackers to break it. CafeCentra has been tested with most of the hacking tools around and has been able to withstand all of them. If however, a user is finally able to terminate the program, CafeCentra client is automatically restarted. On a second hacking attempt, CafeCentra invalidates the user's ticket such that the user has to buy another ticket. A security report is logged on the server against the user account such that on checking the account history or the events log, administrators would know what the user tried to do. On a third hacking attempt, CafeCentra closes all application running and shuts the system down, frustrating even the most hardened Cyber Café timer hacker.

Automated Print Job Cost Deduction from User Accounts

CafeCentra can be configured to automatically deduct print jobs from a Cyber or Internet Cafe users account which reflects as a reduction in minutes or available browsing time. Because CafeCentra uses the concept of units and not browsing time for user accounts creation, the cost of page of print job is configured based on units, which makes it extremely flexible and not susceptible to the problem of fixed time deduction which becomes a loss during bonanzas or non-uniform browsing time sales.

Configurable and Dynamic Web Sites Restriction

A few other Cyber Café Billing software claiming web site restriction only work on Windows 2000 and XP and you would have to explicitly input all imaginable sites into the restriction list. With CafeCentra, the web site restriction works equally well on Windows 95,98, ME, 2000 and XP. To aid performance, you do not have to enter a vast array of sites to limit for example pornographic sites. A few key site parameters may only be entered for those who do not wish to include an exhaustive list that slows down performance. Even when users resort to using search engines to lookup restricted sites and try to navigate to view a cache of such site, CafeCentra totally restricts and foils such tactics, making its web restriction easily the most powerful available in any Cyber Café Billing and Management software on the market.

Integrated Bandwidth Monitoring

CafeCentra stands in its own class as a veritable Cyber Café Billing and Management software and not just an ordinary "Cyber Café Timer" or "Cyber Café Biller". With CafeCentra, Cyber Café operators can monitor bandwidth traffic or usage on their network easily using both graphical and numeric data provided by the integrated bandwidth monitoring tool in CafeCentra Server and can restrict users to a threshold or have the administrator warned of usage excesses. Bandwidth is monitored in real-time, thus allowing real-time actions. The Bandwidth Monitoring tool distinguishes between TCP and UDP Traffic and provides information on each separately, thus allowing the network administrator to know the volume of traffic from each protocol. In addition, information on uploads and downloads are separately available to provide a finer grain of bandwidth traffic data for the network.

Unauthorized Programs and Installations Restriction

CafeCentra client takes security to a higher level to unarguably become the most secure Cyber Cafe billing software available in the market. In addition to the security against user hacking, the integrated feature of Programs Execution Restriction allows Cyber Café operators to specify authorized programs that can be run on workstations or explicitly specify ones that they want banned from running. Programs to be allowed or denied access are listed by their executable names. CafeCentra is able to recognize the names and signature of the software programs allowed to run, thus foiling attempts to run banned programs carried out through a simple change of the executable name. General software such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office Programs, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger are automatically allowed access by the CafeCentra Programs Execution Restriction.

Automatic Cyber Cafe Income Reports Mailing

Imagine being away from your cafe and still being able to know what is going on in your cafe. CafeCentra mails your report into your email account based on the interval you configure which can be daily, weekly or monthly. It can mail your income report, cafe administrator time allocation report and your printer jobs report in to your email. Click here to see how it works.

Very Accurate and Comprehensive Cyber Cafe Reports

CafeCentra allows you to know exactly how much is being made in your cafe. Batches up report into groups and shows the amount that has been made for each group for the period of time specified by you. CafeCentra offers more than 8 types of reports which are explained in the link provided for this feature. There is no other timer that gives a report as accurate as this. Cafe reports cannot be deleted and deletion of user accounts does not affect cafe report. Click here to see how it works.

Automatic Workstations Hard Disk Cleaning and Maintenance

You can configure CafeCentra to schedule the cleaning of junk files downloaded by users from your client computer hard disks at regular intervals. You can specify a threshold or minimum free space for every client computer hard disk in your cafe, which if the available free spaces falls below, CafeCentra would automatically run a disk clean. The fully configurable disk cleaning and maintenance plug-in allows Cafe Administrators to specify cache folders where they know users generally download or store junk file for cleaning in addition to pre-defined locations such as Windows Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders.

Restrict or Disallow Junk User Downloads and Web Installations

In addition to the security against user hacking, CafeCentra client now comes with a security plug-in that allows Cyber Cafe administrators to restrict or disallow junk downloads and the installation of programs such as Comet Cursor, Hot Sex Bars and the likes that clog hard disk space and hog bandwidth to download unsavory material on client computers. You can also selectively enable downloads for specific clients or workstations temporarily remotely from CafeCentra Server.

Restrict Desktop Wallpaper, Internet Explorer Homepage and Other Changes

CafeCentra can now be configured to prevent not only users but also any downloaded program from arbitrarily changing client computer desktop wallpapers, Internet Explorer Homepage and other settings. Thus you can now rely on CafeCentra to keep your Internet Explorer home pages, search pages, etc and Desktop Wallpapers exactly as you want them every day!

Very Flexible Multi-Point Access CafeCentra Server Extension

CafeCentra Server now comes with a configurable Server Extension that allows administrators or Cyber Cafe owners to be able to View Income Reports, Create User Accounts, Unlock User Accounts, Change Password and Edit Server Policies remotely from any point on a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) where CafeCentra Server is running. This gives unprecedented flexibility since a lot could be done without actually being physically present on the computer where CafeCentra Server is installed.

Zero Hardware Cost and Flexible Virtual Point-Of-Sale Extension

CafeCentra now includes a Virtual Point-of-Sales client installation that is very flexible and ideal for Cafe attendants to log details of each sales of tickets which may be required by default to be unlocked before they could be used. This thus allows for exact tracking of tickets right from the point of sale to the point of use. Cafe attendants can also keep track of their individual sales for each operational day.

Restrict or Limit Daily Single and Total Administrator Time Allocation

Now you can conveniently set a limit on the maximum time that an administrator can allocate per day apart from the limit on the maximum time that can be allocated by an administrator at once or in a single sitting!

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