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Dial-2-Dictate Phone Dictation System


This phone dictation system lets you, and other users, dial into a computer running Dial-2-Dictate to record dictation. Record, replay, edit and manage files by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad. When you have completed a recording, Dial-2-Dictate will then immediately send the dictation to your typist for transcription by email, the local computer network or via the Internet.
With Dial-2-Dictate you can dictate using most telephones. For example, you could phone indication using a hands-free speakerphone or a cordless headset in your office, your cell phone on your way to work, a VoIP soft-phone from your computer or PDA or even a payphone overseas. Whether you are a single user or a multinational company, Dial-2-Dictate is suitable for any number of users.
A full description of the Dial-2-Dictate telephone dictation system follows but a quick way to try it out is to download and install now. You don't need to purchase to download and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process (click here to install). If you do not have telephone lines available yet, you can use the Call Simulator (from the menu) to test Dial-2-Dictate. The default user access code is 0#.

Key Features

  • Records dictation by phone.
  • Supports 1 to 32 telephone lines.
  • Can concurrently support regular phone lines or Voice over IP (VoIP) lines.
  • Controls include record, play, rewind (constant pitch), fast-forward (constant pitch) and record edit.
  • Record to .wav or .dct file formats (only .dct allows for encryption and sender information)
  • Automatically send dictation recordings by email, local area network or internet.
  • Recordings can be saved and retrieved at a later date for amendment.
  • Supports recording encryption if you are required to secure patient or client data for transmission over the internet (HIPAA Compliant).
  • Automatically backs up copies of dictations on the server where Dial-2-Dictate is installed.
  • 1 to 10,000 users can use the one system each with customizable recipient and user information.
  • Ability to change Voice Prompts and Record Menu Key assignments.
  • Allows user information to be stored in, and accessed from, a database.
  • Integrated ODBC functionality supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere and Borland Firebird
  • Uses the Audio Compression Manager to reduce audio file size and to speed transmission.
  • With VoIP capable lines, no special hardware is needed. Just install Dial-2-Dictate on any ordinary PC and enter the VoIP line details. Dial-2-Dictate will take calls in the background.
  • When used in conjunction with VoIP capable lines and our Windows-based VoIP PBX up to 32 extensions can be assigned to Dial-2-Dictate from one incoming number.
  • Fast setup and easy operation for day to day use.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/NT4/98/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista.
  • Pentium 1Mhz or above with at least 64MB RAM.
  • To connect to phone line(s) either:
    • For v4.09+ plus regular phone lines - a CAHTA or TAPI compliant telephony device. *
    • For v4.08 and below plus regular phone lines - a TAPI compliant telephony board. *
    • For voice over IP capable lines - a VoIP telephone company offering SIP gateway service. **
  • The telephone that you use must have tone dialing (DTMF).

* Dial-2-Dictate requires either one or more CAHTA or TAPI compliant telephony devices. Some voice modems are suitable but for professional and multi-line use we recommend good quality voice devices such as CAHTA or CURL telephony boards. For an up-to-date full listing of recommended hardware, please contact us. If you use a cheap voice modem you may find small buffering delays or other problems. If you find other cards that work well, please let us know.

** For recommended VoIP SIP companies, please contact us for our recommended SIP service providers.

Telephone Line Options

You can use either regular phone lines connected to your PC via a voice modem or a professional telephony boards or Voice over IP (VoIP) lines which connect calls direct from your VoIP phone service company to your PC using the internet. Request for our list of Sip Service Providers.

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