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Desktop Security Rx

Disable CD-ROM, USB Ports And Hard Drives...          
Restrict Access to Control Panel And More...

Desktop Security Rx offers robust protection for home users and networks of desktop and laptop computers. In addition, it delivers built-in desktop protection and network management capabilities including - Windows settings, desktop settings, control panel access and system security policies.

Key Features

  • Prevent Changes to the Configuration of Windows
  • Protect Files & Folders
  • Lock-down& Restrict Use of USB / External Drives
  • Complete Network Manageability
  • Support Unlimited Number of User Accounts
  • Create One Time Protection Profile - Use It Anywhere
  • Internet Explorer Lockdown Options
  • Register Remote Desktop Security Rx Computers via the Network


Designed to Lock-Down Your Windows PC's / Servers Quickly & Easily       

Desktop Security Rx® is a robust desktop security application that is ideal for locking-down corporate and educational computers from malicious or accidental disaster. 

The application has an intuitive user interface making it easy-to-use for users and administrators of all skill levels.  You can Instantly lock down computer configurations - keeping users on task and protecting your computers from going out of order.

How can Desktop Security Rx software protect my PC?Desktop Security software for School Classrooms, corporate networks

Desktop Security Rx delivers complete desktop security for public access computers. Easily configurable Desktop Security software that prevents users from deleting critical files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop, saving unwanted programs, running disallowed programs, and downloading from Internet Explorer. With Desktop Security Rx, you can feel confident that unauthorized changes, won’t result in a loss of productivity or PC availability. 

How Desktop Security Rx Works

The protection of Desktop Security Rx functions at the OS kernel level. This security resides invisibly between the computer and the user - monitoring every action that the user takes and decides if that action is allowed or not. 

Desktop Security Rx initiates when the Windows OS starts up - functioning invisibly and monitoring each action the user makes and determines if the task is allowed or not.  As a result of its robust architecture; Desktop Security Rx functions even under Safe Mode or even if the program has been terminated.

Network Manageable Desktop Security

Desktop Security Rx ships with a complimentary network management console -  Our network admin console allows IT administrators to centrally manage and configure all of the Desktop Security software installations from a single workstation/server.

Protect Files & Folders

Desktop Security Rx keeps files and folders secure and safe by hiding and locking them, or by making them read-only with a password. When a file or folder is protected its' contents are invisible to all Prevent Changes to Windows and Internet Explorer settingsapplications including Windows programs like Explorer, Office, and even MS-DOS programs. Our protection wizard offers four unique levels of protection:

Windows & Internet Explorer Security Features

Desktop Security Rx also includes Internet Explorer protection. It can repair and prevent malicious changes on many options of the Internet Explorer, such as Start Page, Default Page URL, Window Title, Search Assistant, Customize Search, Context Menu, and etc.

Lock Hard Drive CD-ROM or any External Device.

Its robust locking capabilities can also:lock-down hdd floppy CDROM and external drives

Lock Down Floppy drives

Lock Down CDROM Drives

Lock Down Removable Disks

Locking your system input/media drives ensure that others can not access your PC to play games and videos or to copy files to or from them. Furthermore, It can also enable/disable the Registry Editor, default drives shares, and file sharing via Network Neighbourhood.

Complete Network Managability

Protected computers can be configured as stand-alone PC's or to function with our Network controller. Our Network Console, enables administrators to apply desktop security settings to all remote PCs throughout your network.

Register Remote Desktop Security Rx Computers via the Network Create Protection Profile for simplified deployment

For IT administrators with large PC deployments, we make it easy to manage and license Desktop Security Rx client installations.  The Network management console can easily "push-out" activations to the various workstations.  Eliminating the need to visit each machine throughout your enterprise. 

Support Unlimited Number of User AccountsNetworkable user groups

Desktop Security Rx supports an unlimited number of student / user accounts. Each account can be set up to have its own password and protection configuration. All accounts can easily managed by the administrator.

Create One Time Protection Profile - Use It AnywhereCreate an exportable protection profile

Desktop Security Rx allows administrators to export protection profiles from any existing installation as a file. This profile can then easily be loaded into any other installation during its setup.  Thus, eliminating the daunting task of having to create new profiles during every user installation.

Internet Explorer Lockdown OptionsInternet Explorer Lock down security options

Desktop Security Rx includes options to protect Internet Explorer options. You can disable the downloading of files as well as prevent malicious changes on many options of IE, such as Start Page, Default Page URL, Window Title, Search Assistant, Customize Search, Context Menu etc.

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