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Data Backup Rx


Hard drives fail, files become corrupt, CPUs burn-out - in most cases; taking our data along with them. The reason for a good data backup strategy is equivalent to why we wear seat belts while driving... However, in the case of PC's - it's not a matter of if you will crash; but rather when it will happen.
The last line of defense is a good remote data backup.

Some Key Benefits of Data Backup Rx

  • Data will be safe on secure off site
  • Data Protection from Virus Attacks via Recovery
  • Privacy and Security
  • Data Availability Anywhere, Anytime
  • Cost Effective Data Backup for SMEs

Never lose a file again... Continuous real-time backup of any file. You save it – we back it up offsite invisibly and automatically..

Continuous always-on Data Backup Solution.continuous data backup automatic online backup

Data Backup Rx is a continuous "Always ON" Data Protection solution. Once installed, It will continuously monitor your chosen files and back up any changes immediately. You can also decide whether to send the entire file or just the modified version. Data Backup Rx can also backup locked and open files.

Data Backup Rx enhances your protection from data loss since it stores and automatically timestamps your data, silently in the background - to our remote data centers.  

Easy-to-use Intuitive InterfaceIntuitive Data Backup interface - simple to use and backup data

The Data Backup Rx client software presents three simple steps to protection: select files, schedule backup, and backup now. The most popular method of selecting a file or folder is to right-click an item in Windows Explorer and select Protect with Data Backup Rx, but there's also a tree view within Data Backup Rx, a drag-and-drop interface, and options to help choose common folders and filetypes. Unwanted file types (eg. MP3's) can also be excluded from backup.  Don’t know where your
Outlook PSTs are? Data Backup Rx does...

Data Backup Rx's Unique Compression Engine

Under the hood, Data Backup Rx performs compression wizardry to keep file sizes down, and consequently speeding up the transparent data transfer. For example; let's say you have a spreadsheet with your business budget on it. Instead of sending the entire file every night on a scheduled backup, Data Backup Rx looks at how the file has changed and transmits only the new information that’s been modified to the file.

Unlimited File Versions supported

Keep an unlimited version history of all your files – roll back your books to last year’s tax records if
you wish...

Data Backup Rx Online Backup keeps an unlimited version history of all of your files, letting you access any version of any file, at any time. 

Data Backup Rx uses a simple and efficient off site backup strategy - a combination of incremental differencing, compression and encryption. The file versions are incremental changes in data - therefore, only the change in data is the amount of online space used at our data centers.

ExampleIf you create a 10MB word document; your initial file would use approx 10MB on our data servers. If this word file is modified 5 times and each modification consists of a 1 MB change from the previous version - the actual storage space that is used on our data servers would only be 15MB (10MB for the original file + 5 diferent versions of that word file; consisting of a change in data of only 1 MB each)... We would not make 5 complete copies of your changed files as many other data backup services would.  

Unlimited PC Management

A single account of Data Backup Rx can support an unlimited number of computers – accounts billed only on the amount of data backed up – not client seats. 

Each PC will be viewed as an additional node within the Data Backup Rx interace.  Each account node having its own unique data backup configuration and personal settings.  Enabling organizations to consolidate their available online data space over multiple PC users. Therefore you can backup your home, office and laptop computers all on one account for easy access to your files.

No Additional Hardware Required

Pure software based online backup – no expensive hardware – or user intervention required. Hassle-free data security;

Data Backup Rx data centers - multiple PC and Server Support under single account

Intelligent File Filters

Intelligent file filters – tell Data Backup Rx to watch your My Documents folder - but to ignore all *.mp3’s and *.avi’s.  Alternatively – tell Data Backup Rx to only protect *.doc, and *.xls. Either use our pre-sets or create your own inclusion/exclusion mask.

Flexible Scheduling

Fully flexible scheduling. Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or instant backup options.

Big Business IT Practices - Low Cost

Big-Business IT best-practice for the little guy; Software as a service billed with a low monthly or annual subscription – cash-flow friendly. A basic annual subscription costs less than most stand-alone backup software packages – let-alone a tape-drive or external hard-drive.  See our Data Backup Rx cost page.


Hard drives fail, files become corrupt, CPUs burn-out - in most cases; taking our data along with them. The reason for a good data backup strategy is equivalent to why we wear seat belts while driving... However, in the case of PC's - it's not a matter of if you will crash; but rather when it will happen.
The last line of defense is a good remote data backup.

Data will be safe – secure off site.continuous data backup online data with unlimited version history and multiple PC support

The Data Backup Rx service is delivered through a software program (the Data Backup Rx Windows Client) installed on the end-point PC or server. The user then configures the program to protect certain files and folders, and each night, at a configured time, (or instantaneously at the option of the user) Data Backup Rx backs up any files that have changed since the previous backup. Files are backed up to a global network of Data Backup Rx datacenters powered by the proprietary Data Backup Rx Servers. Data is compressed using proprietary Data Backup Rx Shrink delta compression that ensures that only the changes made to files are sent over the network – dramatically reducing bandwidth consumption. It is this performance enhancement that forms the core of the Data Backup Rx Designed-For-Dial-Up strategy, and gives our platform mass market appeal.

This stands in contrast to most online backup systems, which re-transfer the entire file that has changed – rather than just the modified binary subset of that file.

Data Backup Rx can also be set up to intelligently watch particular folders – and to either backup all the files in that folder – or just a subset of them. For example – you can easily define a filter that says – “only backup the word documents in My Documents folder”. Simple – but powerful.

Recovering Files

When trouble comes, be it a virus, a failed hard-disk, or a stolen computer, Data Backup Rx is there to save the PC. The end-user simply clicks the “Recover” console within the Data Backup Rx program, enters the username and password, selects the file(s) to recover, and clicks “restore file(s)”. The Data Backup Rx system also keeps an archive of every daily version of the file, so if you want to get a previous version of a document, say… as it was last Tuesday, Data Backup Rx can do that too. This stands in contrast to most online backup systems, where daily versions are not kept.

Privacy and Security

The Data Backup Rx system ensures complete privacy protection. Data Backup Rx Ultra-Safe security uses a three-tiered encryption system which encrypts data on the user’s computer, again in transit, and finally when at rest in storage. Data Backup Rx's encryption technology means that the user’s decryption password is not stored in our systems so that not even the Data Backup Rx programmers can view the data stored on the Data Backup Rx servers. Only the user who put it there can ever access the data. This stands in contrast to most other online backup systems, where data is neither encrypted on your client, nor stored as encrypted data so as to prevent employees of the software vendor from accessing stored data.

Data Backup Software - Data Backup Rx Boxshot

Why Data Backup Rx?

We all get car insurance without thinking - and yet if we crash our car - it can be fixed or replaced. What would happen if you lost all your emails? All your financial records? What would happen if you lost your MYOB or Quicken or QuickBooks database? Over 60% of business who experience such loss are out of business within 6 months. Why? Because most people don't backup properly - either because it takes too much time and effort, or the systems required cost too much. For those businesses that do backup - the backup is usually inadequate - rarely done daily, and rarely taken offsite.

Data Backup Rx was designed to fix all that. Now small businesses and consumers can take advantage of IT-best-practice long used by major companies to make sure they never lose an important document again.

Why the Software Was Built

Whereas 90% of small businesses say that they intend to backup daily, fewer than 40% of small businesses actually do backup daily. Whereas 91% of consumers say they intend to backup daily, less than 10% of consumers do backup daily. The problem? Existing backup solutions require too much effort to use – and cost too much to install. If you're working 12 hours a day - its costing you money to backup. You take 10 minutes a day to perform traditional backup - and thats time away from selling, from doing inventory, from drafting - or whatever it is you do. Its costing you $20 or $30 or in some cases more per week in time to use your traditional backup system. And that backup system probably isn't that reliable.

Let us do it for you for less than $1 a week

Extensive market research shows overwhelming interest from SMEs in an automatic software service that will securely backup files each day to a safe offsite location without any user interaction required – i.e. exactly what Data Backup Rx Online Backup offers. SMEs overwhelmingly cost out their current backup technique as costing them more than $10 per week. With 49% of SMEs willing to pay for a secure online backup service, and on average being willing to pay more than $10 per week – Data Backup Rx Online Backup is an excellent value proposition for SMEs.

Data Backup Rx is a tier quality of backup service - for a cheaper price. It brings Big-Business IT best-practice to the little guys.

Existing Backup Solutions Require Software AND Expensive Hardware

Traditional backup solutions (as provided by industry giants Veritas and Legato) are often built around backing up data to tape – and/or to other more advanced storage (such as SANs or NAS storage). Thus – serious backup has always been a joint hardware/software proposal – and hefty price tags associated with the required hardware has generally meant that the SME/SOHO and consumer markets have never adopted a standard for data backup. The market is fractured – some SMEs use CDs, some use USB drives, some use tape drives – and alarmingly, many use nothing. None of these systems are satisfactory - given that the one thing that can put most SMEs out of business overnight is data loss - loss of inventory records, financial records, sales records, etc.

Pure-Software Online BackupFTP Location for Data Backup

With the dramatic breakthroughs in storage technology over recent years, and the collapse of bandwidth prices, it has become economically viable to offer backup over the internet. Now the consumer/SME can outsource the procurement and maintenance of backup hardware – and just install a backup software agent - the Data Backup Rx Windows Client v1.2.

Because Data Backup Rx Online Backup requires no up-front capital expenditure by the end-user, the service is very appealing to consumers and SMEs who have previously not been willing to pay the cost associated with advanced backup systems (eg. ~ $2,000 for a decent tape backup system).

Data Backup Rx Online Backup provides a cost effective, simple, and automated solution to the backup problem faced by many millions of consumers and SMEs around the world.

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