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CNG-SAFE Software


Moving a traditional business process to an automated solution can seem daunting. One of the most important features of CNG-SAFE is the inherent simplicity built into the user interface. After just a few days of use customers experience significant time savings and reduction in errors. CNG-SAFE helps organize:

  • Email
  • Forms and other custom documents
  • Existing documents via scanning
  • Memos
  • Faxes
  • Audio files
  • Data from other applications
  • Database reports
  • Office Suite documents

Key Features

These features enhance functionality of CNG-SAFE for specific tasks like quicker filing of outside documents, bulk filing, and creation of a “frequently used” filing cabinet.

  • Retriever - provides a simple way to integrate existing applications into CNG-SAFE.
  • CNG-Forms - automates the input of records into CNG-SAFE.
  • CNG-Outlook - enhances functionality for Outlook users enabling emails to be automatically filed based on user-defined rules.
  • CNG-Batch - allows you to scan several documents at once and then file them manually or automatically.
  • CNG-Filer - allows you to file (Save as) from any Windows-compliant software that supports the ‘Save As’ function to a Cabinet NG cabinet and folder in its native format.
  • CNG-Publisher - allows you to publish documents (print) from other software applications into a Cabinet NG cabinet folder.
  • CNG-Tracker - allows you to track down file locations and file access, so you’ll always know where your file is, where it’s been and who may have made changes.


Built-in format independence

CNG-SAFE is compatible with other applications straight out-of-the-box.

  • Works with documents in their native format and application
  • Consolidates pertinent documents from different applications in a single folder
  • Preserves openness to future capabilities

Optimized and efficient workflow

CNG-SAFE helps accelerate workflow across the organization

  • Improve efficiency and customer service - employees can access customer information to answer questions while the customer is on the phone
  • Document and folder routing – gets information into the right hands for prompt attention
  • Communicate and share files using standard applications and email programs
  • Sensitive to business processes and supports existing rules
  • Accessible by anyone with proper authority
  • Add new customers efficiently
  • Scales with business without adding headcount

Security and Tracking

Limits access to files and tracks where files have been and where they're going

  • Critical tool for achieving regulation compliance
  • Management reporting – ability to run a report to show audit trail
  • Know where your files have been and where they are going - eliminate the guesswork
  • Enforce detailed control over document access rights at the user, cabinet, folder, and document level
  • Supports version control, retention policies, and other Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Functions

A Controlled Environment

Cabinet NG can help you create a controlled, secure environment. With Cabinet NG security capabilities, you can protect sensitive information; ensure privacy, security and efficiency.

Many businesses are required by regulations (HIPAA, SEC, SOX, ISO, etc.) to ensure the privacy of customers’ and employees’ personal information. With a paper-based filing system, there is no efficient way of securing files, beyond locking the cabinet. With CNG-SAFE you not only to specify who has access, but also to control access to individual folders and documents.

Access Rights / Classes

Security is a key concern to any business, but especially so for larger organizations. Some document management systems take an all or nothing approach. Still others burden you in lengthy administrative processes to address even simple security needs. With CNG-SAFE, you get both the flexibility and the security you need.

Administrators can establish access rights at levels equivalent to filing cabinets, file folders, or documents. Administrators can set define access as, none (no access), preview, view only, edit, create, delete, and locked. Access classes allow documents to be associated with groups enabling privileges to be set for departments, management levels, or individual users. Rights to documents and folders can be granular - a user may have create rights to a document and no other rights, allowing a person to add a document to the system but not access from that point forward.

Document Retention Policies

Part of CNG-SAFE’s security is retention classes. Retention classes enable you to define by document type how long a document is maintained. Setting document retention ensures that even when users have access, important files are kept for designated periods.

Audit Trails

Auditing and tracking file access is a necessity for businesses today, and a key component of your Cabinet NG Shared Access Filing Environment. Track where your files have been, always know where files are, limit file access, and protect your customers’ privacy with Cabinet NG. Administrators are able to generate reports to view who viewed or accessed files at a filing cabinet, file folder, or document level or to view all files accessed by user.

Check Out / Locking

In a paper filing system, sometimes there is a need to pull a file and isolate it from other processes. CNG-SAFE also enables a file to be designated as checked out. This check-out feature ensures that entries aren’t accidentally made to file during an audit or review. However, unlike a paper system, you always know who has the file in use and the file never physically leaves the system.

Designed for Network Access

Cabinet NG Shared File Access System (CNG-SAFE) is designed to support multi-user network environments.

  • Distributed Processing. Cabinet NG is a distributed processing system. We have installations with more than 200 users accessing hundreds of gigabytes of data.
  • Remote Access. CNG Supports wide-area network (WAN) access through web-based clients for viewing and data-entry through web-based forms. Full access can also be granted through Windows Terminal Services.

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