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Web & Internet Applications Hosting


We host applications providing a wealth of features from project management to accounting, groupware, web authoring, web articles, knowledge-base and support ticketing systems.

Application hosting saves enterprises and businesses the need to maintain IT staff and the cost in procuring hardware and software to get the same value. With our hosted applications, customers have full control via application web panels to manage their applications and can start working with any application hosted by us in a matter of minutes, compared to days or weeks that it takes to setup similar in-house systems.

Key Applications Hosted By Us Include:

  • dotProject (Project Management System)
  • phpGroupware
  • eGroupware
  • WebERP Accounting/ERP System
  • Web Articles Software
  • E-Fiction Authoring System
  • Knowledge Base Application System


dotProject Application Hosting

dotProject is an Open Source Project Management application, supported free of charge by web developers from all over the world. dotProject is written in PHP and is free to anyone who would like to download and use it. It is easy to work with DotProject because it has clean and simple user interface.

dotProject core features include:

  • User Management
  • Ticketing Support System provided via email
  • Client Management
  • File Archive
  • Calendar
  • Discussion Forum

eGroupware Application Hosting

eGroupWare is an Open Source enterprise groupware application, which will help your team collaborate much easier with each other. With eGroupware you will be able to manage your business contacts, meetings and appointments, todo schedules and many more for your whole business.

eGroupWare is a server-based tool. It has its own web-interface and you are able to access your data from any platform all over the planet. eGroupWare is also accessible via groupware clients, such as Kontact, Evolution, Outlook and also with your mobile or PDA via SyncML.

phpGroupware Application Hosting

phpGroupWare is a PHP-based, multi-user groupware application. It integrates about 50 web-based tools, such as Calendar, Addressbook, advanced Projects manager, Todo List, Notes, Email, Newsgroup- and Headlines Reader, Filemanager, etc. The calendar supports repeating events and will alarm you for the upcoming events.

The phpGroupware system as a whole supports user and admin preferences, themes manager, user permissions and groups and multi-language support. It includes modules to setup and modify the working environment. The phpGroupware suite is built on an advanced Application Programming Interface (API).

E-Fiction Application Hosting

E-Fiction is a MySQL database driven software program written in PHP. E-Fiction is used for original or fan fiction based archives on their website. Users can register for a website through the E-Fiction software and post their own fiction stories that they've written in different categories that the website admin has created. E-Fiction is the only program of it's kind with several key features, including:

  • Fully customizable design of your archive through an easy to use templating system
  • A full-featured administrative panel that allows you to completely control your site
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface.

WebERP Accounting/ERP System Application Hosting

WebERP is a complete web based accounting/ERP system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many businesses types. The feature set is continually expanding as new businesses and developers adopt it.

  • Entirely web-based
  • Minimal use of java-script for maximum compatibility with all web-browsers and web enabled devices
  • Produces reports to Portable Document Format - PDF for accurate positioning of text
  • All reports and scripts easily modifiable
  • All processing on the server and no installation required on client machines
  • Multi-language - each user can see the interface in their preferred language
  • Multi-theme - each user can see the interface in their preferred graphical theme
  • Can be integrated with a wiki (any wakka fork) to hold narrative on items, suppliers and customers. e.g. The wiki may contain any information particular to the customer with links to say credit history - call log for customer services/sales/accounts etc.

Web Article Application Software Hosting

Web Article is a web based php article software solution that allows businesses and webmasters to easily post articles, press releases and any other information to a customizable template. This content management software is managed from a user-friendly web based administrative control panel.

Our web based article software can be implemented and managed by anyone regardless of technical experience. This php article software has a built in article editor that allows you to do custom text formatting without any programming. The entire solution is web based and can be managed without any additional software.

  • Easily manage pages on your site from the software backend
  • Create a blog from scratch in minutes
  • Easily integrate into your sites design, simply add the viewer code to your page
  • Create your own custom sections and fully control all the options
  • Manage an unlimited number of pages cleanly and simply
  • Powerful WYSIWYG Editor with full cross-browser compatibility
  • Rebrand the software as you need
  • Advanced image handling
  • AJAX allows the software to updated automatically, all you have to do is save changes and see then appear
  • Easy to backup database for the ultimate level of reliability
  • Built on Robust, Open Source technology, making the software reliable and powerful

Knowledge Base System Application Hosting

Our hosted Knowledge Base System allows quick and easy creation of dual fully functional faq databases—one for external visitors and one for internal users. Our knowledge base script takes faq scripts to a whole new level: even with unlimited categorization, users, and attachments, the search functionality shows its superiority by always getting the article you need. And because really useful articles can be tagged as such by users, you can even look at common questions, and see which articles are most helpful to users.

  • Unlimited Articles / Attachments
  • Unlimited Categories / Sub-Categories
  • Internal Only Articles
  • Multi-Level Administrations
  • Password Protected Folders
  • User Subscribed Updates
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Full Mouse-Over Glossary
  • Complete Staff Calendar

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