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Internet Management & Security Solutions

Business Opportunity

The internet has changed the world as we used to know it and is gradually becoming indispensable in most modern computing environments. However, while the internet helps to make the world a connected global community with numerous communication advantages, it also presents a lot of threats which have to be mitigated to effectively enjoy the benefits offered by the internet. In recent times, the threats on the internet have reached higher proportions with the prevalence of viruses, spyware, adware, phishing, hacking and a host of other methods of compromising the security and privacy of information on computers. For any environment that makes reasonable use of the internet and value information security and integrity, a comprehensive protection strategy against these myriads of internet attacks is imperative.

In addition to the threats on the internet for a corporate organization, is the risk of internet misuse by employees which in some cases have resulted in costly law suits, productivity losses and other myriads of problems that any growth oriented organization would wish to avoid. Unrestricted, some employees easily spend hours online viewing sports, pornographic, news and other sites which are not even remotely related to their official work. If the hours spent online without productivity and the likely costs of problems such as harassment and lawsuits that can result from pornographic sites are considered, some companies simply disallow internet access to employees. But inadvertently, such action also limits productivity because the internet is a resource and powerful information technology tool which adequately harnessed, can easily boost employee productivity especially in a knowledge-powered economy.

Therefore, most companies are faced with the dilemma of effectively and efficiently utilizing the internet to derive the many benefits it offers, while finding a way to effectively manage the security threats and associated problems that could result from unrelated or improperly managed use of the internet.

Business Solution

Our company provides an array of software and hardware solutions for internet management and internet security. Our internet management solutions include products for web and content filtering, hotspot management, bandwidth management and provisioning and computer usage management, while our internet security solutions include antivirus and internet security software products, sandbox applications for privacy and malware protection and spam filtering solutions.

Our solutions allow the growth oriented organization to effectively and efficiently manage the internet resource without worrying about lawsuits, malware, productivity hits, computer downtime from internet threats and employee time wastage on the internet amongst tons of other benefits.

Interested to learn more about our Internet Management and Security solutions? Please contact us immediately using information provided on our contact page on this website.

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