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Business Opportunity

A full-time IT department is often difficult to maintain for most small and medium scale enterprises. While the current trend of events and the growing needs of organizations for collaborative software does not give much consideration for low budgets, the financial and managerial difficulties associated with establishing a full fledged IT department for most small and medium scale enterprises creates a dilemma. The SMEs need the functionality from collaborative software and solutions that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world, not really to mimic big enterprises as for growth, effective and efficient communication and all the associated benefits of collaborative software solutions.

Business Solution

To address the needs and budget of the growth oriented small and medium enterprises that want to take advantage of the many benefits of collaborative software solutions, we provide hosted and managed solutions to meet the various collaborative needs of customers from document exchange to instant messaging, electronic mail and workflow management.

Our hosted and managed solutions come with the following benefits:

  • Reasonably priced to meets the affordability requirements of most SMEs
  • Reliable infrastructure at multiple locations in Europe and the USA
  • Regular data backups and guarantees against data loss
  • 99.99% server uptime for all-round availability
  • Experienced IT personnel with required certifications
  • Fast and effective technical support via email and phone
  • Data security via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology

Interested to learn more about our Hosting and Managed solutions? Please contact us immediately using information provided on our contact page on this website.

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