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Business Opportunity

The keyword in the telecommunications world today is “mobility”. More and more consumers want to make calls, access email, chat with friends and enjoy online services not only from the convenience of their homes and offices but also from any location. While wireless technology for data transmission has been around for quite some time, limitations in bandwidth and area coverage have prevented providers from using it for mass deployments in the past. Today, however, innovations like the 801.g WiFi standard and the introduction of Super-G and Extended Range (XRS) technologies have made it feasible and cost effective to deploy city-wide wireless access networks and offer revenue-generating mobile wireless access services.

Business Solution

To address the equipment needs of service providers who want to get into such business, Earlyon offers end-to-end Wireless Mobile Access Solution. The solution features intelligent mobile access, robust access control and powerful billing and CRM capabilities. Utilizing a mesh network infrastructure with roaming among access points and bandwidth optimization, the solution ensures high bandwidth and reliable access for all users located within the network boundaries.

How does the solution work?

User experience

  • Users sign up for service with the mobile wireless access service provider
  • The provider issues an authentic and secure PIN code for them to log in the provider’s network (upon payment)
  • Subscribers preset their user name/password combinations in their wireless devices (cell phones, PDAs, laptops etc.)
  • Subscribers gain access the Internet from any location within the boundaries of the wireless network

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