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Computer Maintenance & Desktop Security Solutions

Business Opportunity

The computer is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in the world and which has had profound effects on our everyday living and business life. However, computer maintenance is an unavoidable issue that ineffectively handled, could lead not only to productivity problems as a result of computer downtime, but also more serious conditions including identity and information theft.

There are many ways that one encounters problems with computers that have previously been working very fine prior to the occurrence of the problems. Some of the reasons for such problems may include the following

  • Any computer gradually accumulates junk through temporary files, swap files and undeleted files that are no longer of use. These require regular cleaning or purging but the task is not an easy one for most computer users until perhaps the computer slows down to a crawl under layers of accumulated junk when it may not be easy undoing the damage.
  • Not all computer programs follow proper ethics in the way they are removed from the system through uninstallers. Some programs may inadvertently remove files commonly shared with other programs during uninstall and eventually lead to the malfunctioning of these other programs which may be critical to the computer user.
  • There are times when a computer user may mistakenly delete important or critical files used by some applications or the host operating system and wake up to see the next day that a computer that worked fine is no longer working.
  • A newly installed program may actually upgrade components used by other programs, leading to the malfunctioning of those other programs because of incompatibility with the new or upgraded program components.

These are just a few the reasons why computers that have been working perfectly fine a previous day or hour ago may suddenly stop working or begin to behave irrationally. And whichever approach is taken to resolve the problem, a downtime would inevitable occur, leading to loss of revenue or productivity.

Business Solution

It is a generally known fact to most experienced computer users that over 85% of the problems often experienced with computers is due to software which include programs running on the computer and the operating system. Tens and perhaps hundreds of software programs, files and components interact daily on the average computer system, making the likelihood of conflict and data corruption an unpredictable but guaranteed eventuality.

Our PC Maintenance and Desktop Security solution products have been designed and developed to address these and associated problems of computer maintenance, data corruption and security on computers. The products, variously and singly provide solutions that allow computer users to:

  • Automate computer maintenance tasks such as cleaning of the hard disk, removing unused files and accumulated junks just by taking the computer back to an easier stage when it was working fine. It is a simple but powerful "undo" functionality for the computer that reduces downtime to just the stretch of time it takes the computer to be rebooted!
  • Automatically backup user data on computers to our remote online secure server where the user's data is available immediately via a web panel. In situations where the computer has been damaged by fire or some other incident or stolen, this provides a very great relief.
  • Automate the recovery of configurations and important settings on their computers even when such computers are available for public access and someone may inadvertently change those settings.
  • Easily recover data, critical files and important information which may have been lost due to virus attacks or accidental erasure and many more other tasks that make the life easy for the average computer user and reduces maintenances costs to near zero.

Interested to learn more about our PC Maintenance and Desktop Security solutions? Please contact us immediately using information provided on our contact page on this website.

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