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Data and Information Security Solutions

Business Opportunity

Information is the lifeline or blood of any organization irregardless of industry, whether private or public. Companies and government agencies and other types of organizations generate tons of documents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With the advent of the internet, computer and digital information exchange, a large number of these data or information are increasingly becoming electronic. With the flexibility and other advantages of electronic information storage and exchange also come the perils of theft, corruption, alteration, data integrity and information leakage. The dangers of inadequate information or data security in an enterprise or organization are almost too numerous to enumerate completely and many businesses suffer from unsuspecting sources of data leakage:

Information leakage from Printed Documents: Often sensitive information is leaked because the document containing it was printed and reproduced. Sometimes the information was originally electronic, but at some point in time, one of the recipients of the information could decide to print it out, thereby creating a weakness in the information exchange line that is more prone to leakage. It is well understood that Printed documents cannot be secured adequately.

Information leakage from Electronic Documents: Information and data protection is as critical on electronic information, especially due the advent of the internet and advancement of sharing media like disks, pen drives etc. Electronic information security could be compromised through employee theft, industrial espionage, illegal distribution, accidental distribution etc; all resulting in huge trade secret losses, detrimental for success of enterprises. with the increasing emphasis on collaborative solutions and document exchange, inadequate security may end up embarrassing some organizations and even nullifying the positive effects of document exchange.

Business Solution

Our Data and Information Security solutions enable individuals and enterprises to adequately secure their data storage and information exchange to avoid the many pitfalls of information leakage and the accompanying damage to the reputation, business and intellectual property of organizations. Our solutions ensure that usage of documents containing sensitive information is kept under strict control. No matter where the document is and how it is distributed, the usage restrictions are applied to it every time the document is accessed! This gives the owners full control on who can use their information and how the usage can be allowed.

Laptops and other media containing important information can be secured such that even if the laptop or storage medium is stolen, the information on it cannot be accessed successfully by the data thief. Communication such as SMS and GSM calls can also be secured in this age of electronic eaves-dropping and also emails encrypted such that only the intended recipient can access the true information in the email.

Our data and information security solutions are robust, flexible, highly reliable and industry tested to guarantee the expected level of safety.

Using our data and information security solutions for document usage control, enterprises and Individuals can:

  • Apply document usage rights for restricting or allowing actions like viewing, editing, printing, distribution.
  • Apply usage control across multiple file formats including MS Office documents, PDF, Text based Files, Images, HTML Files.
  • Apply usage control for documents on Laptops, Desktops or File Servers
  • Control usage of documents independent of how the documents are shared (CD, Emails, Pen drives, FTP, Shared folders, Messengers etc)
  • Apply usage rights for employees as well as external business partners
  • Apply location based access / usage of documents
  • Apply start and end dates of usage permissions
  • Modify usage rights remotely, made applicable without resending the document
  • Track authorized usages and unauthorized usage attempts of documents in real time

Interested to learn more about our Data and Information Security solutions? Please contact us immediately using information provided on our contact page on this website.

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