Company Profile

Earlyon Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of computer security, internet and business management solutions for small and medium scale businesses and enterprise companies with large personnel and branch networks. As a leading value-added information technology products and solutions partner and reseller, the company's core differentiators include deep insight of the products and solutions in our portfolio as well as hard-to-match ability to adapt products and solutions to customer needs for maximal ROI and operational fit. 

The company offers a comprehensive line of Internet Management, Desktop and Internet Security products in addition to a wide range of business management products from accounting to asset management and document management matching the needs of corporations from the small and medium scale enterprise to much bigger corporations with thousands of employees, workstations and branch network.

Our systems integration services and business solutions offerings are differentiated from the competition by our sound understanding of the technologies we deploys from our background in application software development and consulting. This combined with our skill-set in application development allow us to provide value-added services that sometimes involve programmatic customization of the products and solutions deployed in ways that are generally beyond the ordinary vendor or reseller of business solutions competing in the same market space. We are always proud to advertise that we make our solutions fit to our clients’ requirements to effectively deliver value, rather than bend their requirements to our solutions with little regard for ROI.

We believe technology is not a fad. Our business solutions allow companies to effectively utilize information technology tools to increase productivity, streamline their operations for increased efficiency, focus on core business issues for growth and seamlessly deliver value to their customers and stakeholders. The effectiveness of our solution offerings, alliances and deployment strategy and the maturity of our business solutions to meet the growing rate of internet use in the country along with the attendant security and management problems have lead to rapid adoption of the our solutions and products with a two-year annual average revenue growth rate of over 200%, marking us undoubtedly as one of the fastest growing information technology firms in the country.

Our Values

Our corporate core values which are central to our success include the following:

  • Trust and respect for our people

  • Nimble, responsive and effective solutions to our client's requirements

  • Strive for quality and excellence in every facet of our lives

  • Create an environment of teamwork and flexibility

  • Value knowledge and expertise

  • Focus on innovation - turning ideas into reality

  • Practice high business ethics and professional integrity

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world-class information technology solutions and services company with a global outlook, renowned for innovation, excellent customer service and quality delivery; a choice company for excellent minds and a role model for coming generations.


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